Gluteus Medius Muscle

Anatomy: It originates along the iliac crest on its external face and on the gluteal aponeurosis, and inserts on the lesser trochanter in the posterior superior and lateral area.

Action: It is a hip abductor, with a flexor and internal rotator component, as well as an important gait stabilizer in the stance phase.

Pain: MTrPs can be found throughout the entire muscle. And referred pain usually appears throughout the buttock, in the lower back and sacral area and in the back of the thigh.

Dry needling: It will be treated in the contralateral position of the muscle to be treated, with the upper leg behind the lower leg and the knee resting on the stretcher. The needle has to take a latero-medial direction, in the direction of the iliac crest. APS needles of 0.30mm x 75mm or 0.30mm x 60mm are used depending on the area of ​​muscle that is treated.