11 March 2021


What is electroacupuncture?

Union of acupuncture and electric stimulation, with TENS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) current to produce more analgesia. It consists of application of current on needles, to fundamentally treat pain.

What does it consist of?

The technique consists of the insertion of needles leaving the point to be treated in the middle, with the needle aligned, and they can also be combined with more classic acupuncture points. For acute pathologies it is used high frequency and low intensity (sedation) and for chronic pathologies low frequency and high intensity (stimulation).

TENS currents

As we said before, TENS-type currents are used. Normally they have a waveform in asymmetric biphasic rectangular pulses, although a great variety of shapes can be found. Generally, this current does not have polarity and the cathode will always be the stimulator. There are two types of TENS, the western and the eastern type, both have similar parameters but different nomenclatures. In general, it goes with a frequency of 1 – 5 Hz, a pulse width of 50 – 250 ms and a metered intensity in mA. It can always transmit the current continuously or interrupted (varying parameters in the different trains).

Monopolar stimulation is when we apply a TENS current through a single needle. It will serve as diagnostic mode (Point locator) or treatment mode.

Benefits of electroacupuncture

We can provide a greater analgesic effect than clinical acupuncture and the possibility of treating the affectation by reaching the affected areas directly.

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