29 March 2021


What does it consist of?

It consists of heat stimulation of acupuncture points, using the heat produced after burning herbal preparations that contain Artemisia Vulgaris (Moxa).

Technique overview

Moxibustion serves to stimulate different points within the meridian and extra-meridian. There are different ways to stimulate points by applying heat weather it´s a direct or an indirect application. Direct moxibustion happens when the herbal preparation is applied directly on the skin, without any type of intermediary, being able to be cauterized. Whereas indirect moxibustion when is carried out when some type of substance (Ginger, salt, garlic, etc) is applied between the preparation and the skin or using it at certain distance from the skin. Invasive moxibustion can also happen when inserting a hot needle into the point that needs stimulation. The technique can be done with traditional moxa (produce smoke) or moxa with charcoal (without smoke).

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