18 February 2021

Percutaneous neuromodulation therapy

Stimulation of nervous system using a needle and electrotherapy device, ultrasound monitoring may also be used. A motor or sensitive response is sought by stimulating the target area, with a therapeutic objective to decrease pain, restore functionality of nervous system and improve neuromuscular function.



What is the purpose?

The technique seeks nerve stimulation by an electrical current to cause a depolarization in nervous system. The electrical parameters vary depending on the fibers to be stimulated, modifying the intensity, frequency and pulse. For that reason, knowledge of the nervous system and neuroanatomy is especially important. In general, the waveform used is the same as that used in electro dry needling. A correct diagnose of the metameric area to be treated is particularly important for the technique realization. From this point on, needles are inserted into neuro-reactive points on the nerve’s path to which the therapeutic objective is addressed and the subsequent stimulation is performed by means of an electric current.


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