20 January 2021

SAFETY TUBE dry needling


Technology used in some of our longest needles, to improve their precision and safety. With its double tube, this dry Needle improves needle accuracy at the insertion site. In addition, the use of a second flexible tube ensures a superior grip and avoids direct contact and potential damage to the three-layer medical grade oil that helps an easier less painful insertion. In addition, it also prevents direct contact between gloves and needle body, allowing a double aseptic treatment.

*Available in P-T Agupunt® series.


What is dry needling?

It is an invasive physiotherapy treatment that is mainly applied in myofascial pain syndrome (MPS), caused by myofascial trigger points (MTrP).

The technique conists of inserting needles through the MTrP or leaving it in the underlying tissue, without injecting any substance, only using mechanical stimulus caused by the insertion of the needle. In this way, analgesia is achieved by the stimulation of nerve fibers that block nociceptive impulses traveling to the higher centers.

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