5 February 2021

Superficial / Fascia dry needling

Needle specially designed for superficial dry needling treatments. There are two models: superficial and fascia. The superficial model comprises shorter needles. They are used for treatments in which the needle will not exceed 1-1.5 cm remaining in the epithelial tissue. The longer fascia model reaches a greater depth and, more specifically, fascial areas.



Both needle models have all characteristics of APS except for three layer medical surgical oil, which in the case of the superficial and fascia models is reduced to just one in order to facilitate that in the rotation there may be a fibroblast stimulation and mechanotransduction.

*Available in PS Agupunt® series.


General operation of a dry needling session

To this treatment it is important to diagnose the MTrP that causes the usual pain, in order to later be able insert the needle precisely into the point or into overlying tissues, depending on the technique used.

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