Our experience of more than 40 years in the manufacture of needles has allowed us to innovate and develop a wide range of needles suitable for each technique.

Agupunt offers a high-quality product, created and designed from highly resistant, more durable and more flexible surgical steel. An alloy specially created for our needles, finished with a specific sharpening. The result is a needle designed not to be damaged or injured. If a needle suffers micro-breaks during puncture, the skin suffers too. 

Agupunt, as a manufacturer, controls all aspects of needle manufacture, from design to final service, so we can guarantee the quality of every needle we produce. 

Agupunt stainless steel

Made of 304H stainless steel to ensure safe and efficient operation during the use of the different techniques.

Polishing and lubrication for the whole needle body

Surface treatment on the entire needle body, adapted to the different ranges, to meet the requirements of each technique.

Exclusive sharpening

The shape of the needle tip is unique to each technique, providing the user with a specific tool.

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Handles designed to facilitate the performance of the technique

Different handles for different uses. Different shapes, thicknesses, materials and lengths.

Cleaning Process

Ultrasonic washing of needles after production to remove all unwanted substances.

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Sterility guarantee

Needles sterilized with ethylene oxide (EO) to ensure treatment with sterile products.

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