About Us

Our Philosophy

Since our company was founded in Barcelona in 1982, we have accompanied health professionals, listening to their concerns and proposals with the aim of facilitating the work of the professional with our products of the highest quality. Our experience in the design and development of materials allows us to adapt quickly to new techniques. This, together with our commitment to continue working on the development of new cutting-edge tools, in cooperation with Universities and Professional Schools, contributes to the improvement of the day-to-day life of health professionals.

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We aim to lead the market for dry needling needles worldwide. 


We are currently present in more than 25 countries, and  we commit ourselves to strengthen and promote the company at a national and international level in its sector, achieving the highest level of recognition in the market.


The organization is certified under ISO 13485 and MDSAP. Moreover, our products comply with Regulation 2017/745 on medical devices. 

In addition, all our needles are approved by the FDA and Health Canada among other international organizations

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Our experience in needle manufacturing since 1982 has allowed us to innovate and develop a range of needles suitable for each technique. Continuous development is essential to meet the new daily needs of professionals. 

We manufacture solutions for you.

We continuously develop products to improve the daily life of professionals in all areas such as physiotherapy, acupuncture, podiatry, veterinary medicine and neurology, among others.

With our own factory and R&D team, we have the ability to research and introduce new product lines to meet the demands of each market.

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Start of the Agupunt brand as ASP needle manufacturer
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We started importing and distributing other products, in order to be able to offer a complete range of acupuncture and physiotherapy treatments.
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Offices and warehouse were established in Shanghai
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The first Agupunt website was created and the current CEO of the company.
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25 years of experience "The pioneers in Spain
punto lines
APS dry needling innovation projects begin.
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The offices and shop were established in C/Caspe Barcelona.
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Design and manufacture of EPI machines and needles and international expansion strategy (6 countries).
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Launch of "regular" Dry Needling needles.
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Launch of "Superficial" Dry Needling needles and entry into the US market.
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Launch of the "Safety Tube” Dry needling needles.
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Launch of the invasive electrotherapy equipment "APSe4”.
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Launch of Click Dry Needling needles and inaugurations of offices in Florida.
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Launch of Superficial Fascia Dry Needling Needles.
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Agupunt is MDSAP certified to market the product in Canada and the USA.
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New logistics facilities in Tarragona in 2022. Marketing begins in Switzerland.


Our logo has evolved over these 40 years of history, always trying to convey the company’s core business, dry needling. 

With this latest evolution, we want to continue highlighting the tip, even integrating it into the brand itself, as a symbol of precision for the expansion of energy in the treatment, thus making it a symbol and iconic element.

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It leads us to turn our product into a service that works as a seal of quality assurance and helps strengthen the relationship between the brand and the professional, not only as a guarantee of the product but also of the treatment. Thus, it is at the core of everything we do.

You need it, we needle it.

Key Visual

It symbolizes the puncture point and the energetic expansion produced in the treatment. Strengthening our main differentiator, sharpening, which provides precision and safety to the specialist by achieving a less painful and more effective treatment for the patient.