Physiotherapy Needles

It is a needle specifically designed for dry needling, with a unique sharpening and surface treatment, and a flexible and robust body for safe, precise, and effective handling in all types of approaches. 

Acupuncture needles

Range of needles of different types for each type of treatment. With handles of different shapes and materials and with specific characteristics in the body of the needle to satisfy all professionals.

Intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring (INM) needles and stimulators

Selection of needles and stimulators specifically designed to facilitate the best results during brain, back, hip, and peripheral nerve surgeries. The combination of decades of needle experience, cutting-edge science and usability for OR specialists.

Portable multi-option percutaneous electrotherapy equipment, with digital display and independent buttons. It has 5 channels and emits pulsed single-phase current through channels 1-4, and pulsed bi-phase current (in the TENS program), galvanic current (IPEN program) and pulsed single-phase current (MSUN program) through output 5. With these types of current It can be used to perform: dry electroneedling, percutaneous neuromodulation, percutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, percutaneous electrolysis, segmental stimulation, and pointer.