Lung Meridian

It is the meridian where energy circulation begins, and it contains 11 points. It has an internal and external route.

Its internal route begins in the middle Jiao, flows down to the large intestine, from there it goes to the stomach, crosses the diaphragm, and reaches the lung. Then, it goes up the trachea, passes through the throat and end up going out to the external route from the armpit.

Its external route begins in the anterior part of the shoulder, descends along the anterolateral border of the arm and the forearm, passing through the center of the arm crease (lateral to biceps brachii tendon). In the forearm, it descends to styloid process and reaches the wrist, continues through the thenar eminence, and ends at the lateral angle of the thumb.

The 11 points that contain are: Zhong Fu, Yun Men, Tian Fu, Xia Bai, Chi Ze, Kong Zui, Lie Que, Jing Gu, Tai Yuan, Yu Ji y Shao Shang