Acupuncture and dry needling.

AcupunctureIt arises from traditional Chinese medicine. It consists of stimulating the acupoints by means of needles, relating them to the painful areas of the patient, where mechanical stimuli will be provoked to generate responses in the target tissues. Mechanisms of action: Activation of afferent fibers from peripheral nerves that block nociceptive fibers, generation of endogenous […]

Percutaneous Electrolysis

técnica de electrólisis percutánea aplicada a una rodilla

This technique consists of introducing a needle, normally under ultrasound guidance, into the area to be treated and applying a galvanic direct current to it (cathode) to produce electrochemical changes in the target tissue (producing a non-thermal electrochemical ablation). This technique can be used on muscular and tendon tissues and is widely used in tendon […]

Do you know what is Dry Needling?

It consists of inserting needles into the skin, without injecting any type of substance, in order to cause a mechanical stimulus in the target tissue to be treated for therapeutic purposes. Its main use is in myofascial pain syndrome (MDS). Dry needling is highly indicated for ailments of the muscular system, with the presence of […]